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Cultural Impact Assessment

AT&T is proposing to build a monopine wireless facility to enhance coverage in an area identified by state and county public safety stakeholders as critical for 9-1-1 reliability and emergency response.  As part of a 25-year contract with the FirstNet Authority, AT&T is building a nationwide public safety broadband network dedicated to First Responders and the extended public safety community.  State and county public safety stakeholders identified critical areas for FirstNet coverage across Hawai‘i.  Hā‘ena and Ke‘e Beach are among the identified areas where AT&T committed to enhancing coverage.  AT&T selected this Hā‘ena location because of its ability to meet the requested coverage objective while minimizing visual and other impacts to the community. 

AT&T is required by the Kauaʻi Planning Department to complete an assessment of cultural resources and potential impacts on those resources.  Pacific Consulting Services, Inc. (PCSI) and Kaimipono Consulting Services, LLC have been retained by AT&T to perform the required assessment.

This web site provides information concerning the proposed project and invites individuals with an understanding of cultural practices and beliefs tied to the area to provide information that should be considered in preparing the cultural impact assessment.



The Kaua`i Planning Department is requiring that AT&T perform a Ka Pa`akai Assessment of cultural resources in the area and potential impacts that the proposed facility may have on those resources.

This web site and the associated survey have been created to solicit information on cultural practices and beliefs that are associated with the area where this project is planned.

The focus of our analysis will be on documenting the traditional and customary cultural practices and beliefs that are associated with the general area, to include the Wainiha Ahupua`a.  Past research has documented cultural practices including gathering, fishing, and human burials.  We will also be evaluating the potential impacts of the proposed project on cultural practices.

The link below will open  a copy of the Kaua`i Planning Department requirements for the Ka Pa`akai analysis.


The links below will take you to an on-line survey questionnaire regarding cultural practices and let you e-mail us directly.

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The link below will open a survey instrument in Google that you can use to submit information about your background and cultural practices related to the Wainiha area.



The link below will open a new e-mail to us  using your default e-mail program.  You may use this to request more information or share additional thoughts concerning cultural resource protection related to this proposed project.

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