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Honolulu city skyline with palm trees. H



PCSI supported the environmental planning effort for an extensive seawater air conditioning loop in downtown Honolulu.  The proposed system will draw cold seawater from a deep offshore location for use in cooling large buildings in downtown Honolulu.  Chilled water will be circulated through a network of new pipes laid beneath City thoroughfares to feed individual structures.

PCSI was responsible for preparing an Archaeological Assessment (AA) and a Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) in support of a NEPA-compliant Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prepared for the project.  Potential impacts to known and suspected cultural resources were identified and mitigation measures recommended, as appropriate.  The CIA included Ethnographic studies to identify potential impacts on Traditional Cultural Practices and/or properties of cultural significance.

PCSI also supported the selection of pipeline routes in downtown Honolulu.  This effort entailed mapping all known burials and historic properties and estimating the probability of encountering cultural resources and burials for various possible pipeline routings.

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