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Hawaii Island

PCSI provided a full range of archaeological services in support of the development of a 140-acre Historic Shoreline Park along the South Kona shoreline where the remains of a pre-Contact Hawaiian village are located.  This culturally-rich location is being preserved and enhanced for public use as a Historical/Archaeological Park.

PCSI prepared and presented an Archaeological Monitoring Plan to the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) describing measures used during vegetative clearing of the Park.  PCSI archaeologists then monitored vegetation clearing along the shoreline areas for several months to ensure the protection of the extensive cultural resources present at the site during this initial phase of development.

In the second phase of the project, PCSI surveyed, mapped, and recorded over 1,300 archaeological features in the Park.  Test excavations were conducted and samples of cultural deposits were analyzed in PCSI’s Honolulu Archaeology Laboratory.

After accurately mapping the Park’s historic properties, PCSI prepared a Historic Preservation Plan (HPP) for the park detailing how the cultural resources will be protected, preserved, and interpreted during final Park development and use.

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