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Kaneohe Bay, Oahu

As a prime contractor to the U.S. Navy,  PCSI has been supporting military construction projects at MCBH since 2009.  We have completed over 30 archaeological monitoring projects at this active military base in support of runway improvements, new barracks, command centers, training facilities, medical clinics and numerous infrastructure improvements.

PCSI was responsible for preparation of comprehensive Archaeological Monitoring Plans, Burial Treatment Plans, and Site Health and Safety Plans for each project undertaken.

Our work often involved the recovery of human skeletal remains dating back to pre-contact habitation of the Mokapu Penninsula where the base is now located.  All recoveries were conducted in strict accordance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) for eventual repatriation.

Several hundred historical artifacts have also been recovered during our monitoring work.  Recovered artifacts were taken to our Honolulu Laboratory for examination and then documented in the Archaeological Monitoring Reports prepared at the completion of each project.

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