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Hawaii Island

On behalf of Kamehameha Schools, PCSI conducted archaeological research at the Waiāhole and Kapalaho fishponds on Hawaii island.  The work has included an Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS), a Burial Treatment Plan (BTP) and a Historic Preservation Plan (HPP).

Kamehameha Schools (KS) is using the Waiāhole site as a learning and research center.  PCSI was retained to develop cultural resource management information that KS is using to help guide the appropriate stabilization and restoration of the site.  KS also used the research activities as learning experiences for local students.  During the fieldwork, PCSI conducted several workshops to introduce archaeological mapping and subsurface testing techniques to KS students.

A Phase II AIS was prepared by PCSI to identify and record historic properties.  Fieldwork included a systematic surface survey of approximately 9 acres and 236 subsurface tests.

To address a suspected human burial present at the site, PCSI prepared a BTP.  A HPP was then prepared to guide future preservation and development activities.

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